Igor Obrosov


I. Obrosov
Summing up

№4 2004 (05)

The exhibition of works of young Russian artists held in the "Engineer Wing" of the Tretyakov Gallery was a major event in the lives of each of its 46 participants, the finalists of the competition organized by the "Tretyakov Gallery" magazine and the Tretyakov Gallery; the exhibition was honoured with the name of the gallery’s founder. The idea of recreating forgotten traditions of co-operation with young representatives of national culture was implemented in this national competition, which combined the work of painters, graphic artists and sculptors. There is a strong sense that all ties with the younger generation have been broken, co-operation destroyed and co-ordination disregarded: there are no more special committees directed towards the young from the Ministry of Culture, the Academy of Arts, or the Unions of Artists; no more discussions of major exhibitions of contemporary art among professionals and experts. Thus the "First All-Russia Competition of Young Artists" proved an initial step in the re-constitution of public and state forms to support young talents, to establish an atmosphere of genuine competition, and to raise professional levels of culture and mastery. It has to be admitted that for many years such problems were not considered the responsibility of the respected institutions.




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