Polina Chernysheva
Nikolai Chernyshev. “Worked only with delight…”

№1 2009 (22)

Fate gave Nikolai Mikhailovich Chernyshev a long life — 88 years. He started his creative work at the turn of the 20th century and lived a life that is an example of selfless service to his motherland and faith in the spiritual ideals of Russian art. Chernyshev was a man with many titles: Peopleʼs Artist of Russia, professor, painter, graphic artist, creator of monumental works, theoretician, and teacher.

Vladimir Pertsov
The Determinism of Oleg Savostiuk

№1 2009 (22)

The eye-catching theatre poster is the key genre of the renowned Russian painter Oleg Savostiuk whose solo-show opened at the Russian Academy of Arts in February 2009. The bright talent of Oleg Savostiuk reveals itself in the theatre posters for the Bolshoi Theatre operas and ballets such as “Ballade of a Hussar”, “War and Pace”, “Swan Lake”, “Nutcracker”, “Ivan the Terrible”, “The Seagull” and “The Golden Age”.

Dmitry Zhilinsky
A Monologue about Aaron April

№2 2008 (19)

The solo exhibition of Aaron April at the Tretyakov Gallery coincided with the 60th anniversary of the foundation of the State of Israel, where the artist has been living and working for nearly 40 years.

Viktor Chizhikov
“Draw it with Your Eye...”

№3 2007 (16)

I met Konstantin Mikhailovich Kuzginov in the early 1960s at the home of our mutual acquaintance, the artist Igor Gryuntal. Introducing Kostya to me, Gryuntal said, "And here is the author of the famous Festival Daisy…" I looked with interest at the artist who had designed the popular symbol of the Moscow World Youth and Students Festival in 1957. Athletic and forceful as he was, Kostya resembled Kirill Stolyarov, the then popular Soviet movie star, even though Kostya was somewhat shorter than him.

Anatoly Zykov
Dementy Shmarinov. Memories of an Artiste

№2 2007 (15)

Managing a large group of creative individuals is no mean task. Artists are a touchy bunch, each and every one a “complex personality”! Dementy Alexeievich Shmarinov was thrice elected chairman of the Moscow Union of Artists. Following his third election, as art studios all over the capital buzzed with heated discussion of the new Union board and chairperson, my neighbour, the monumental artist Boris Miliukov summed up the situation perfectly: “There’s no one else who could do it – only Shmarinov!” “Shmarinov could really be Minister for Culture,” someone added. Artists believed in Dementy Shmarinov – clear-headed, yet profoundly human, he was both a practical and sensitive organiser.




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