Alexander Lavrentiev, Kirill Gavrilin
“The Work of Shaping Life”. Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Arts: 195th Anniversary

#2 2020 (67)

In 1901, artistic communities in Moscow and all over Russia celebrated the 75th anniversary of the foundation of the Stroganov School of Drawing. A year earlier, at the Paris World Fair, the school had been awarded two Grand Prix for the advancement of applied-arts education and silver and bronze medals for projects and products, as well as for “the ornamentation of public buildings and dwellings”. The Stroganov School was also awarded “Imperial” status in 1901.


A New Path of Artistic Education

#2 2012 (35)

Sergei Andriaka's Moscow School of Watercolour Painting and its Museum and Exhibition Centre opened in 1999, with Andriaka as its artistic director. The school's workshops are intended for a small number of students, and the teacher's studios are located next to them. In order to promote the use of glaze watercolour technique in the related decorative arts, such as painting on porcelain, enamel miniature, and combining watercolour painting with etching, the school opened its own etching, ceramics and jewellery workshops. The school's museum and exhibition centre presents shows of the students' and teachers' works. Andriaka — a People's Artist of Russia and Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, artistic director of the School of Watercolour Painting, rector of the Watercolour and Fine Arts Academy, watercolour artist and teacher — told us about his School of Watercolour Painting and the newly-opened academy.

Mikhail Lebedyansky
20 Years: The Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture

#1 2008 (18)

In 1987 a momentous event occurred in Russia’s cultural life. An old building on Myasnitskaya Street, known to Muscovites as the Yushkov House, which previously had been home to the famed Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, and after the Bolshevik revolution to VKHUTEMAS (the Higher Artistic and Technical School), saw the arrival of the first group of students of the new All-Russian (now simply Russian) Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, which was founded by the renowned artist Ilya Glazunov, an honorary member of Europe’s oldest royal academies of the art in Madrid and Barcelona, recipient of the UNESCO’s Picasso Gold Medal for contribution to world culture, member of the Russian Academy of Arts and professor. Thus a major centre of Russian artistic culture was reborn.

Anatoly Bichukov
The Alma Mater of Russia’s Artistic Elite

#4 2007 (17)

Among Russia’s educational establishments that train professionals in all kinds of art, the Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after Vasily Surikov (Surikov Institute) rightly occupies a leading position, alongside St. Petersburg’s State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture that is named after Ilya Repin.




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