“The Tretyakov Gallery Magazine” – a leading art magazine in Russia – is a richly illustrated quarterly bilingual (Russian-English) art edition affiliated with the world-famous treasury of Russian national  art – the Tretyakov Gallery, named after the Tretyakov brothers, the founders of the Museum. Since the year 2003 the magazine presents rich artistic heritage of Russian art to general public and specialists, covers world cultural events and involves the reader in the world of Russian and international visual arts. Besides, it reviews significant events and exhibitions at the Tretyakov Gallery, other Russian museums and in the world at large, including materials about world famous museums and galleries, artists, collectors and patrons of art to introduce classic, modern and contemporary Russian art to its Russian and foreign readers. Due attention is paid to the international exhibitions so that to give an opportunity to the audience to come to know about the main trends and current processes that are taking place in the sphere of visual arts abroad.

“The Tretyakov Gallery Magazine” gives its pages to exclusive publications based on the materials gained by the outstanding and world-famous experts of Russian art from the major Russian museums.

“The Tretyakov Gallery Magazine” is a partner of  a number of Russian and foreign organizations and advertises for such festivals and cultural events as Art-Manege (Moscow), Art-Moscow, the International Arts Festival “Art-November,” etc.

The founders of “The Tretyakov Gallery Magazine” are the State Tretyakov Gallery,  Mr. Vitaly Machitski (General sponsor of the magazine and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Tretyakov Gallery) and the Foundation “GRANY. ART-CRYSTAL-BRUT” (Founder - Mrs. Irena Machitski, Director - Mrs. Natella Voiskounski).

“The Tretyakov Gallery Magazine” is open to any initiative and promotion of its activities.



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