Lyudmila Markina
The Enigma of Alexander Ivanov Bicentenary of the Artist

"Ivanov is a real enigma. On the one hand, is there a Russian who doesn’t know him? And on the other, no one among the Russians know him." These words, written by Sergei Diaghilev early in the 20th century, can be repeated today, as the country marks the 200th anniversary of the artist’s birth.

Galina Sidorenko
The Life-giving Tree Russian Wood Sculpture in Italy

It is significant that the year of the 150th anniversary of the Tretyakov Gallery has witnessed the realization of the long-planned "Russian" cultural project of Intesa Bank, as the exhibition "Wood Sculpture from the Russian Territories, from Ancient Times to the 19th Century" opened in Italy. The Tretyakov Gallery is displaying the best part of its collection there for the first time.

Galina Andreeva
Whistler and Russia

Early in the 1990s a professor from Simon Fraser University in Canada, Evelyn Harden, was working in the Tretyakov Gallery archives. Preparing for the publication of the journals of James McNeill Whistler's mother, she requested help in searching for information about the artist's Russian mentor, Alexander Koritsky. It was Evelyn Harden who drew my attention to a little known but important fact in Whistler's biography - the years he spent in Russia, the country that this unconventional individual, with a penchant for "deliberate pranksterism" and hoaxes, called the cradle of his talent. As a researcher of the international contacts associated with Russian art, I became interested in the subject of Whistler and Russia because of its apparent impossibility. Fifteen years later this project has materialized in the exhibition "Whistler and Russia" which is to be held at the Tretyakov Gallery from 7 December 2006 to 15 February 2007. It will be one of the most remarkable events in the international programme celebrating the Tretyakov Gallery's 150th anniversary.

Vadim Sadkov
Master Over the Centuries The Anniversary of a Great Dutchman

For well over three centuries, Rembrandt van Rijn has continued to inspire and enthral viewers with his remarkably astute, wise and philosophical portrayal of mankind and its surrounding world. Each successive generation has developed its own unique understanding of the great artist’s style and imagery, based on its own cultural and spiritual experience. Re-discovering and re-interpreting his work afresh, every generation has, in a sense, created “its own” Rembrandt. In the Soviet Union, a number of exhibitions were held to mark anniversaries of the Dutch genius: 1936, 1956 and 1969 saw such events open in Moscow and St. Petersburg (then Leningrad). Since the last of these, however, almost 40 years have passed, and the wealth of new material published by specialists during this period clearly requires us to take a fresh look at the immortal works of the master and his pupils. The time has come to re-examine the legacy lovingly preserved in a number of countries, and to re-assess with greater objectivity the place it occupies in the history of world artistic culture.

Alexander Sidorov
A Valued Quartet. The 250th Anniversary of the Russian Academy of Arts

The display of works by Russian painters held in the exhibition halls of the Russian Academy of Arts on Prechistenka Street in Moscow, in anticipation of its jubilee, further develops the tradition of exhibiting the achievements of modern Russian artistic culture. A succession of personal shows of three corresponding members of the Academy, Vyacheslav Zhelvakov, Vasily Nesterenko, and Dmitry Sandzhiev, and that of Anatoly Lyubavin (who has yet to receive this honorary title) were held from March to October and received public attention and appreciation.

Andrei Erofeyev
Eric Bulatov in the Tretyakov Gallery

The entire artistic heritage of Eric Bulatov is being showcased in a landmark exhibition, made possible due to fruitful co-operation of the Tretyakov Gallery and the Cultural Foundation “Ekaterina”, and financial support of NCP GOC “Stroyteks” and OJSC “Surgutneftegas” and Fond “Novi”. Exhibiting a major Russian painter who has achieved distinction over the last 40 years, the result is nothing less than an international sensation.

Elena Mikhailova
Treasures of the Green Vault

The unique exhibition titled “The Treasury Cabinet of August the Strong. From the Green Vault Collection, Dresden” (running from May 18 to August 2) that has opened in the Kremlin is one of the most significant events in the cultural life of Moscow.

Alexander Sizif
Modern Russian Giants at the Hermitage

With every new event, the Hermitage’s approach to modern art exhibitions becomes clearer. We are already accustomed to seeing the work of cult Western European and American artists in this world-famous museum: a renowned centre of knowledge and research in the art world, the Hermitage pays regular tribute to the acclaimed masters of modernity. Visitors to the Hermitage have been able to enjoy Picasso’s late works, masterpieces of German expressionist art and excellent paintings by the likes of Andy Warhol, the Cobra group, George Segal and Cy Twombly.

Anna Ilyina
Faithful to His Subject: Far Away Yet Close

The creative achievement of any good artist, no matter if he is officially praised and publicly known or not, is his unique contribution to the history of art. Among painters, sculptors and masters of graphic arts who are viewed as representing the generation of the 1960s Vitaly Natanovich Petrov-Kamchatsky has his own, honourable, niche.

Sergei Orlov
Weight and Weightlessness – Physical Categories

Weight and weightlessness are physical – and also philosophical – categories. All the heaviest and lightest things have their pronounced philosophy. Weights and a road roller are the Caesar and Augustus of the “Empire of Weight”. Allied to it is the “Empire of Imponderability”, the heroes of which are paper aeroplanes and boats, champagne bubbles and fluff from poplars flying into your face.

Andrei Gamlitsky
“Art of the 20th Century. The View from Vienna”

From June 8 until July 2 2006, works from the collection of Monsignor Otto Mauer were exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art on Petrovka Street in Moscow. The exhibition was organized by the Culture Committee of the Moscow Government under the auspices of the Austrian Embassy, within the programme of “Vienna Days in Moscow”. The exhibition’s concept, idea and organization by Art and Business Culture Management. Curators Milena Wildenauer and Dr. Eva Stangl-Teimer.

Yekaterina Selezneva
A Vernissage at Spaso House

During this 150th anniversary year, the halls of the Treyakov Gallery have presented many brilliant special exhibitions. There has also been great demand abroad for exhibitions and works on loan from the Tretyakov collection. Shows in Paris, Madrid, and New York have been tremendously successful, and Bonn and Phoenix are among the cities which will host future exhibitions.

Valentin Rodionov
“Three Centuries of Russian Painting” in Beijing

2006 was announced as the “Year of Russia in China”. These two countries have a long history of relations, and in the 21st century, they not only want to benefit from economic cooperation, but also aim to establish scientific and cultural contacts, and to study one another’s historical heritage. To celebrate the event, a rich cultural programme has been developed, including theatre performances, a film festival, various exhibitions and concerts.

Yekaterina Selezneva
The Musee d’Orsay in the Tretyakov Gallery

The exhibition halls of the Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val saw on April 24 the grand opening of the exhibition of French painting and sculpture from the unique and unrivalled Musée d’Orsay, that prides itself on its collection of art created between 1848 and 1914. The project is sponsored by Vneshtorgbank. The exhibition was held within the international programme dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Tretyakov Gallery. “The French Project” is the second part of the gallery’s cooperation programme with the Musée d’Orsay; its first stage in Paris last year hosted a comprehensive and distinctive exhibition of Russian art of the second half of the 19th century.

Viktor Vanslov
“Work is the sole pleasure”. Postscript to the exhibition of Zurab Tsereteli

The artist’s individuality and the scale of his talent are determined by his selfless devotion to his vocation, not by any awards and ranks bestowed. Tsereteli’s exhibition in Moscow’s Manezh demonstrated once again the industry and the versatility of the talent of one the most controversial and famous artists in Russia.

Anna Sopotsinskaya
“To love and understand nature”

From February 14 2006 to March 5 2006, the Academy of Arts hosted a solo exhibition of Efrem Ivanovich Zverkov, a People’s Artist of Russia, Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Arts (21 Prechistenka st., Moscow), and a laureate of various state prizes, celebrating the painter’s 85th birthday. Although the works displayed were not numerous, they illustrated well the evolution of Zverkov’s artistic style as well as his artistic search and discoveries.

Andrei Gamlitsky
Viktor Tsigal’: Space Filled with Beauty

Viktor Yefimovich Tsigal’ (1916-2005), graphic artist, painter, sculptor, writer, and a veteran of World War II, died one year ago. The exhibition in the halls on Prechistenka Street became a tribute to the master’s memory, showing all the facets of his versatile work: sketches from life and large elaborate graphic compositions, painting and metallic sculptures, book illustrations and everyday objects transformed into true masterpieces of arts and crafts.

Владимир Петров
Алексей Саврасов: правда и поэзия

24 мая 2005 года исполнилось 175 лет со дня рождения одного из лучших русских пейзажистов Алексея Кондратьевича Саврасова. Имя этого художника известно большинству из нас с детства. С давних пор его работа «Грачи прилетели» (1871) стала своего рода символом русского реалистического пейзажа. Нередко Саврасова считают как бы «художником одной картины», не представляя подлинного масштаба и глубины его творчества. Однако уже в 1850-е годы он стал ведущим русским пейзажистом и исполнил множество прекрасных произведений, в большинстве своем этапных для развития всей отечественной живописи. Не случайно его любимый ученик и последователь И. Левитан считал даже, что Саврасов «создал русский пейзаж», поскольку именно в его творчестве «появилась лирика в живописи пейзажа и безграничная любовь к своей родной земле».

Ida Gofman
The Blue Rose of Russian Symbolism

The exhibition of Russian symbolism, “The Blue Rose”, which opens in early March 2006 at the Tretyakov Gallery, was initially part of the “Europalia 2005” festival in Belgium, shown in Brussels from October 10 2005 through to February 5 2006. It was meant to introduce European viewers to one of the most important periods in early 20th-century Russian art. Russian symbolism reflected general European traditions, while at the same time it brought its own colour and national features into the general stream of this artistic trend, showing traces of Russian folklore in its bright ornamentation. Its images are characterized by a soft lyricism and dreaminess typical of both the Russian spirit and Russian nature.

Irina Zagorodnyaya
“Ratification of friendship…” Ambassadorial Gifts to the Russian Tsars

In the middle of December the Assumption Belfry of the Moscow Kremlin opened an exhibition of works by foreign masters from the “The Moscow Kremlin” museum’s collection. Upon entering the hall, styled in sunny, soft colours, visitors find themselves in a festive and formal atmosphere, that in which the visits of foreign diplomats to the royal palace would take place.

Lyudmila Marz
Inhabited Islands

Выставка, которая состоится в феврале–марте 2006 года в Государственной Третьяковской галерее, и изданный к ней альбом посвящены юбилею галереи. Они подготовлены в рамках художественного проекта «Обитаемые острова» (автор проекта – Анна Намит), являющегося совместной благотворительной миссией правительства Москвы, Министерства культуры и массовых коммуникаций РФ, Третьяковской галереи и международного концерна ДаймлерКрайслер АГ, традиционно поддерживающего искусство по всему миру.

Yulia Loginova
Art Manezh 2005

The current fair displayed 60 galleries specializing in modern art. The following loyal galleries were among them: “7 Gvozdei”, “Eastern Gallery”, “ASTI”, “Alla Bulyanskaya Gallery”, “Dom Nashokina” Gallery, “Karina Shenshieva Gallery”, “Kino”, “Manezh”, “PAN-DAN”, “Segodnya”, “Tretyakov”, “U Yara”, “Melarus Art”, “Gertsev Gallery” and of course the Zurab Tsereteli Gallery.




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