Lidia Iovleva
"The Incomparable Lado!” Lado Gudiashvili: The Parisian Period

On November 17 2009, large crowds greeted the opening of the Lado Gudiashvili exhibition at the Tretyakov Gallery on Lavrushinsky Pereulok. Gudiashvili (1896-1980) was an outstanding 20th century Georgian artist; the current exhibition focuses on a short period of his creative life, the five years he spent in Paris from 1920 to 1925. These were Gudiashvili's formative artistic years, in which he established the creative identity he would retain for the rest of his life; the style he developed in Paris made his art especially original and attractive. Anyone who came to Tbilisi during the post-war years wanted to visit the enigmatic master's studio – and visitors always left enthralled by the warmth of this highly cultured, silver-haired artist who seemed to open his creative secrets exclusively for them.

Svetlana Kotkina, Yevgenia Polatovskaya
Natella Toidze “Be true to yourself...”

In December 2009 Natella Toidzes ' retrospective exhibition opened at the Tretyakov Gallery. The works on view give a full idea of the creative path of this interesting artist who comes from a celebrated artistic dynasty, has displayed at many international and all-Union exhibitions, and is a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Arts, awarded a gold medal by that body.

Galina Pletneva
Young Artists – New Challenges

The future quest of young artists can be best understood by looking into the realities of the last decade of the 20th century, a period which was a dividing point marking a transition to new ideological reference points. Destructiveness, this feature of the time when a certain tide “turned”, tore apart creative minds and threw individual and collective aspirations into disarray.

Evgenia Ilyukhina, Irina Shumanova
Sergei Diaghilev’s “Ballets Russes” on the Tretyakov Gallery Stage

Sergei Diaghilev occupies a special place in the culture of the 20th century – many publications have analysed his personality and artistic projects. But who can state that the puzzle of Diaghilevʼs infinite creativity has been unriddled. For many, he is not so much a real person as a composite figure of the ideal impresario, in whom the talent of an organizer was married to an exceptional sensitivity and receptivity to any innovation in art and, of course, the faculty for finding like-minded individuals and financing for his projects.

Anna Dyakonitsyna
The Sculptural Anthropology of Antony Gormley

The art of Antony Gormley, a classic of contemporary British art, has long enjoyed worldwide recognition – today he is one of the most sought-after modern artists. Every year, different countries host from five to ten new exhibitions of his sculptures, including large-scale open-air projects. Several of his works are permanently exhibited in the UK: among them the piece that brought fame to Gormley – “Angel of the North” (1998) with wings measuring 54 meters, in Gateshead in the North East of England, as well as “Quantum Cloud”, mounted in Greenwich by the Thames, and “Another Place”, sited in 2005 on Crosby Beach in Merseyside.

Mikhail Makhalov – Restorer and Artist

В июне–августе 2009 года в Третьяковской галерее в Выставочном зале в Толмачах впервые состоялась персональная выставка творческих работ Михаила Николаевича Махалова (1907–1978) – одного из ведущих xудожников реставраторов музея.

Alexander Rozhin
100 Artworks from Paris

In modern culture, Zurab Tsereteliʼs art rightfully occupies a special place of honour. His art speaks of the masterʼs grand, multifaceted personality and personal zeal. The descendant of an old princely dynasty has kept the sense of the honour and valour of his ancestors, and the customs and traditions of the Georgian people; his creative work is a seamless marriage between the originality of Georgian national culture and the experience of Russian and international art.

Anna Ilina
On the Crossroads of Traditions

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, together with the Surikov Arts Institute, and the Scientific Research Museum of the Russian Academy of Arts, opened a new exhibition, “From a Study to an Art Object”. The exhibition, which was supported by the Moscow Government, the Moscow Department of Culture, the Russian Academy of Arts and ENEL company was experimental — but it will surely not be the last of its kind.

Ksenia Karpova
A Chronicle of Exhibitions at the Russian Academy of Arts

The first six months of the year saw a most impressive array of exhibitions of acclaimed contemporary Russian artists at the Russian Academy of Arts venue on Prechistenka Street in Moscow.


Yevgenia Iliukhina
Mastery of the Pen

The exhibition “Mastery of the Pen”, featuring graphics from the holdings of the Tretyakov Gallery, is part of a show series focused on drawing techniques and media. The 300 pieces tracing the history of pen drawing in Russian art of the 18th-20th centuries include work by Karl Briullov, Alexander Ivanov, Fyodor Tolstoy, Ivan Shishkin, Isaac Levitan, Ilya Repin, Valentin Serov, Mikhail Vrubel, Konstantin Somov, Alexandre Benois, Wassily Kandinsky, Pavel Filonov, and many other famous artists.

Irina Kuleshova
Art of the Russian Provinces

The exhibition “18th-20th century artwork from the Yaroslavl and Kostroma regions. Retrieval, findings, discoveries” hosted by the Tretyakov Gallery was intended for a wide range of art lovers. For some of them it was a recollection of the time when they first had a chance to view the works, never before shown to the general public. When first shown, the pictures by provincial artists, now widely famous, such as Grigory Ostrovsky, Dmitry Korenev, Nikolai Mylnikov, Pavel Kolendas, Ivan Tarkhanov, and Yefim Chestnyakov produced an unforgettable impression. For others, the exhibition, just like the 1970s-1980s shows, offered a chance to discover the unique portraits and paintings that grace the collections of the Kostroma and Yaroslavl museums – their most treasured possessions and the emblems of sorts of the cities themselves.

Olga Kalugina
“We shall call him here…”: Anna Golubkina and Sergei Konenkov

The exhibition “Golubkina. Konenkov. The Secrets of Mastery” opened last autumn in the Museum-studio of Anna Golubkina, the sculptor. It is quite clear that the journey from the idea to connect these two great masters to the actual exhibition dedicated to them both was not simple, but it was inevitable. Sooner or later these two “restless Muscovites”, as they were called in the Academy of Arts, were bound to meet not just in the classroom, or at exhibitions, or while visiting one another, but as the participants of one exhibition in particular – dedicated to both of them.

Jurgen Schilling
Space of Stillness

The exhibition of Nikolai Makarovʼs paintings “Space of Stillness” at the Tretyakov Gallery is the first solo show of the artist, who lives in Germany, in a Russian museum. Over a month the public had the rare opportunity to see the work of the artist, who belongs to the international artistic milieu of contemporary Berlin; it was there that he created his “Museum of Stillness”, where viewers can concentrate their attention on direct contemplative communication with a work of art. A part of this museum was reconstructed at the Tretyakov Gallery hall on Krymsky Val. The exhibition showed about 50 paintings dating from 1986 to 2008 from the series “Easel”, “Russian Icon” and “The Black Sun”.




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