Papers of the International academic conference "ALEXANDER GOLOVIN AND THE CULTURE OF THE SILVER AGE" (14.10.2014 - 15.10.2014, State Tretyakov Gallery).


  • Eleonora Paston
    Alexander Golovin's Anniversary Exhibition and Further Research into the Artist's Oeuvre
  • Zoya Shergina
    "… Smiling and magnificent" Alexander Golovin and Erich Gollerbach
  • Alexandra Troschinskaya
    Ornament in Alexander Golovin's Oeuvre
  • Olga Davydova
    Poetry of Ornament in Alexander Golovin's Oeuvre
  • Sergey Koluzakov
    Alexander Golovin and Alexei Shchusev. Points of Contact
  • Olga Novikova
    Ceramics by Alexander Golovin and the Skopin Majolica in the Collection of the State Museum of Ceramics in Kuskovo
  • Larisa Georgievskaya, Adiya Bonitenko
    Pyotr Vaulin's Private Archives at the Central State Archive of Literature and Art in St. Petersburg
  • Vladimir Kruglov
    Alexander Golovin as a Portraitist
  • Margarita Chizhmak
    "He Feels Nature as if It Were Music". Landscape in Alexander Golovin's Paintings and Set Designs
  • Yelena Terkel
    Alexander Golovin's Works at the Chizhov Agricultural Vocational School in Kologriv
  • Tatiana Mojenok-Ninin
    Alexander Golovin's Parisian Mentors. Académie Colarossi and Académie Vitti
  • Maria Ushakova
    Alexander Golovin Through the Eyes of French Critics. Sergei Diaghilev's "Boris Godunov" (1908) and "The Firebird" (1910)
  • Anastasia Dmitrieva
    Alexander Golovin's Costume Design Studies for Mikhail Lermontov's drama "Masquerade": Origin, Fate and Fortune. Collection of the Bakhrushin Theatre Museum
  • Natalia Makerova
    Golovin: the Actors' Set Designer. The Actor and Alexander Golovin's Scenography 1908-1918
  • Alexander Rozhin, Natella Voiskounski
    The "Tretyakov Gallery" Magazine and Its "Alexander Golovin. Heritage" Special Issue
  • Olga Kostina
    Art History as Journalism and Journalism as Art History: The "Tretyakov Gallery" Magazine Special Issue – "Alexander Golovin. Heritage"