Pavel Nikiforov. The Maximalism of Minimalism

On the 75th anniversary of Pavel Nikiforov's birth and marking 25 years of the ASTI Gallery


Pavel Nikiforov was called “a great down-and-out of Russian art”. He was well known, but no one would have called him popular; neither was he successful.

A non-conformist artist, Pavel Nikiforov was one of the noted representatives of Soviet underground art in its Moscow conceptual variant.

Natella Voiskunski



  • Natella Voiskunski
    The Maximalism of a Minimalist
  • Mikhail Alshibaya
    Essay on the A rtist
  • Alexei Fyodorov
    Remembering Pavel Nikiforov
  • Pavel Nikiforov
    My Credo
  • Pavel Nikiforov
    About Myself
  • Plates
  • Maria Valyaeva
    The Warmth and Pain of Memories
  • Natel la Voiskunski
    Epilogue, or Finissage

Compiler and editor Natella Voiskunski

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