Iulian Rukavishnikov


Alexander Rukavishnikov

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#1 2018 (58)

Iulian was born in Moscow on 30 September 1922. When he died in 2000, I was 50 years old. His death could be said to mark the end of my childhood. Losing one’s loved ones is never easy, and, if they were anything like Iulian, it is truly devastating. Iulian, indeed, “would harm not his loved ones, nor grasses nor weeds”. At our dacha in Velyaminovo, he would rise at dawn. I was aware of this even as I snoozed: our dog Fromage, who slept by my bed, would always yawn and rise reluctantly, preparing to do his duty by watching over and following his master. Leaving the house, father would go to tend his beloved garden, which was indeed magnificent... The birds, who knew him well, would gather for an early breakfast; he, however, breakfasted with us, some four hours later... Sitting with us at the table, he would prepare sandwiches for himself and for the dog.



The precious time of childhood. A son remembers his father: Alexander Rukavishnikov recalls Iulian Rukavishnikov.

“I did harm not my loved ones, nor grasses nor weeds,
To the land of my forefathers, I remained true...
Still, the sky rose above me in limitless peace,
Stars would drop from the heavens, and onto my sleeve.”

Arseny Tarkovsky

The Phenomenon of Iulian Rukavishnikov

Alexander Rozhin

Magazine issue: 
#3 2009 (24)

Maximalism distinguishes a true artist from a craftsman. Iulian Rukavishnikov was a maximalist because he had both great personality and great talent, and the highest level of professional culture. He undoubtedly belongs to the host of brilliant 20th-century artists who set him on the path of innovation. Rukavishnikov’s artistic legacy is as important as that of Henry Moore and Giacomo Manzu, Constantin Brancusi and Alexander Archipenko.

The Phenomenon of Iulian Rukavishnikov

Statues I created
Made a leap into eternity...

Michelangelo Buonarotti

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