January 27 - International Holocaust Remembrance Day

The UN General Assembly proclaimed January 27, the day of the liberation of Auschwitz, International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The Tretyakov Gallery magazine has published an article by Natella Voyskounski about the French artist Marc Ash and his series of works, "Tous Ensemble", dedicated to the Holocaust.

This series is a combination of paintings and installations which sends a special message from the artist to the viewer: art is communication - emotional, anxious, interested and invaluable. It is to pass on the most essential elements of the present time to our contemporaries, to pass on something immaterial and voiceless which burns in the heart of the artist. Babies, girls and boys, women and men, grandmothers and grandfathers - who perished in the fire of crematoria in concentration camps all over Europe - who could not escape - but whose cries and screams still ring in the hearts of the living, and will be heard by those yet to come, those still coming to life.

Natella Voyskounski. Marc Ash "Tous Ensemble" One and All: A Story with no Finalem
Magazine issue: #2 2004 (03)



Natella Voyskounski
Marc Ash "Tous Ensemble" One and All: A Story with no Finalem

#2 2004 (03)

The beginning of Spring marks the revival of life, but also makes us remember all those who were killed at the different fronts of World War II, and those who were turned into "dust and returned to Earth, whence they came", and whose spirits return to us to remind us about the Holocaust...



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