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Zinaida Serebryakova. Nude Portraits

Nadezhda Tregub

Magazine issue: 
#1 2008 (18)

There must be a special stimulus for any new major exhibition of an artist, and perhaps several publications about Zinaida Yevgenievna Serebryakova (1884-1967) proved just that. Two St. Petersburg scholars prepared two monographs about Serebryakova practically simultaneously, and independently from one another. 2004 saw the publication of a book about the artist written by an expert from the Russian Museum Vladimir Kruglov, while an album by the renowned art historian Alla Rusakova came out in 2006. Although the two books appeared in quick succession one after another, they almost never repeat each other either in their text or choice of illustrations. The artist is so impressive - and her artistic heritage so considerable - that researchers can tackle her legacy from a variety of different angles.

Zinaida Serebryakova. Nude Portraits
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