Jerzy Kucharski

Robert Falk in My Life

Marina Prozorova

ROBERT FALK (1886 - 1958)
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#4 2020 (69)

The memories of Falk shared by Marina Prozorova are mostly associated with her parents, who used to be the artist’s closest friends: the translator and musicologist Jerzy Kucharski and the architect Natalya Prozorova. A Russianized Pole, the son of the Polish communist and engineer Richard Szade, Jerzy Kucharski lost his parents very early: they died in the torture chambers of the NKVD. “I may be unlucky in many things,” he used to say, “but I have always been lucky to have good people around me”. And indeed he was – he was good friends with figures such as Sviatoslav Richter, Robert Falk, Artur Fonvizin, Aleksander Vedernikov, and Heinrich Neuhaus”.

Robert Falk in My Life
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