Solo exhibition of the Polish sculptor and artist Monika Sosnowska | Zentrum Paul Klee

Solo exhibition of the Polish sculptor and artist Monika Sosnowska | Zentrum Paul Klee

Between 3 June and 10 September 2023, the Zentrum Paul Klee is devoting a solo exhibition to the Polish sculptor and artist Monika Sosnowska (b.1972 in Ryki). This is the first comprehensive exhibition to focus not only on the display of representative works but also on the artist’s working process. For the first time, the accompanying publication documents the models for completed and uncompleted works, filling a gap in the documentation of the artist’s oeuvre.
Sculptural alienation and poetic distortions.

Solo exhibition of the Polish sculptor and artist Monika Sosnowska | Zentrum Paul Klee

Monika Sosnowska is one of the best-known artists working today, and one of the most important living artists from Eastern Europe. Since the early 2000s she has developed a characteristic body of sculptural work. Her sculptures and architectural installations made of steel, concrete or other building materials - often filling the entire space - engage with the built environment. That setting alienates and distorts the works in startling ways.

Sosnowska's interest in architecture, construction and design is closely connected with the Polish capital, Warsaw, where she lives and works. The city was almost entirely destroyed in the Second World War. Its reconstruction as a planned socialist city and the transformations of Poland after 1989 led to the present-day cityscape of Warsaw. It is characterised by spatial and historical gaps, as well as by the coexistence of contradictory architectural styles. Monika Sosnowska engages with the legacy of modern art and its promises of social progress - and what is left of them.

About the exhibition
Featuring 18 sculptures, the exhibition in the Zentrum Paul Klee shows a representative selection of Monika Sosnowska's sculptural work. The artist is designing the architecture for the exhibition herself, and even making a site- specific piece for it. The exhibition also allows visitors a new look at her work. 50 models of completed and uncompleted works are being presented to the public. The exhibition uses these to focus on the artist's working method. The process by which the sculptures are made is also captured in photographs by Juliusz Sokotowski. A selection of photographs by Monika Sosnowska illustrates her engagement with the urban space and the changes it is undergoing, with a focus on the city of Warsaw. The publication accompanying the exhibition systematically documents Sosnowska's models and working process. With this reappraisal of her methods the publication fills a gap in the documentation of the artist's work.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on Friday, 2 June 2023, from 6
pm. Admission to the exhibition is free on this evening.

Dr. Martin Waldmeier

Assistant Curator
Kai-Inga Dost

With the support of
Kanton Bern, Bundesamt fur Kultur BAK



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