This Saturday! "Kristine Mays: Rich Soil" opens June 26


Opening Saturday, June 26, 2021

"My hope is that the figures will burst forth like spirits rising from the soil, to be recognized, revered, and embraced. May they push through while at the same time mingling and dancing among the flowers."
— Kristine Mays

Contemporary American artist Kristine Mays's life-size, three-dimensional wire sculptures emerge throughout the gardens for this enchanting exhibition. Mays breathes life into wire, transforming an industrial product into fascinating and moving works of art. Springing to life throughout the 13 acres of formal gardens, 29 sculptures will surprise visitors as they dance in the garden beds, bursting forth from the plant life.

Marjorie Post maintained a lifelong love of dance, often hosting dances at Hillwood and remaining a dedicated patron of ballet organizations. It is fitting that Rich Soil finds a home at Hillwood, continuing this connection to bodily movement and expression. Mays's work explores the dance between life and death, as the pieces interact with the land and capture the gesture of the human form. Explore these figures as they transform the grounds for the second ever installation of art in the gardens.

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