Sara Flynn: Recent Acquisition by the Derek William’s Trust

Sara Flynn: Recent Acquisition by the Derek William’s Trust


Derek Williams Trust Acquisition

We are delighted to announce that this beautiful installation from 2019-20 by Sara Flynn, Vessel Group, has recently been acquired by the Derek Williams Trust, and in the future will go on display at the National Museum of Wales on loan.

Sara Flynn recently said about this work, "Six different pieces, six different colours and surfaces. One final piece. Grouping objects to make a single installation offers additional creative concerns and input to the initial making process, balancing many factors including form, tone, surface, height and volume. Each piece making up this final, single group was made independently of each other, and collectively they gather to make one complete object.

Testing glazes and understanding the role of the firing has always been a crucial part of my work, and although sometimes it can be a frustrating process, it is always exciting. The ceramic process offers a unique array of surfaces and tones. This group plays with how some of those differences can create a dialogue together."

Ceramic Review Article

The current edition of Ceramic Review (Jan/Feb 2023) features an illuminating article on the career of Sara Flynn, written by Annie Le Santo. More information about the feature can be viewed here.

Available work

A selection of available works by Sara Flynn can be viewed here.




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