Now Open: SARA FLYNN, 8 June - 7 July 2022


8 June - 7 July 2022

Now Open: SARA FLYNN, 8 June - 7 July 2022

Flynn is not only a sculptor of clay, but of space itself.
- Andrew Bonacina

Now Open: SARA FLYNN, 8 June - 7 July 2022

A catalogue accompanying our exhibition will include an essay by Andrew Bonacina, Chief Curator at the Hepworth Wakefield. An extract from the essay can be read below:

Sara Flynn’s relationship with porcelain has been a long and passionate one. A demanding partner, Flynn has worked with and against the clay’s intractable qualities to create sculptural vessels that appear as if they have only temporarily found their form, or might continue to evolve and shape shift. Perhaps what we encounter is only a momentary truce between artist and material? Each work might aspire to a certain shape or volume but Flynn readily admits that it can take unexpected directions. These are vessels that are resolved yet always questioning; they are so compelling because they are charged with an ongoing sculptural potential.

Two large white bowls at the heart of this group of new works embody Flynn’s process and material relationship with revealing clarity. Like most of Flynn’s work, they began life on the wheel, their delicate walls teased upwards to form shell-like volumes that cup the air.

The exhibition will consist of thirty-three works in porcelain, including one 7-piece installation.  

This will be the artist's sixth solo exhibition with Erskine, Hall & Coe.

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