Next week! Ceremony: A Movement-Based Performance Inspired by Rich Soil

Wire Art Workshop

Hillwood and Dance Place commissioned a site-specific, movement-based performance by Krystal Collins/new growth collective, inspired by the exhibition Kristine Mays: Rich Soil. Explore Hillwood's gardens and experience this exclusive piece..

July 20, 21, 23, and 24, 2021
5:30-8:30 p.m.

Enjoy Hillwood's mansion, gardens, special exhibitions, greenhouse, and museum shop before picnicking on the Lunar Lawn with a delightful selection of food and drinks from Merriweather To Go.



Wire Art Workshop

About Kristine Mays: Rich Soil

Contemporary American artist Kristine Mays’s life-size, three-dimensional wire sculptures emerge throughout the gardens for this enchanting exhibition. Mays breathes life into wire, transforming an industrial product into fascinating and moving works of art. Springing to life throughout the 13 acres of formal gardens, 29 sculptures surprise visitors as they dance in the garden beds, bursting forth from the plant life. Explore these figures as they transform the grounds for the second ever installation of art in the gardens.


Wire Art Workshop

About Krystal Collins/new growth collective

Hailing from the Midwest, Krystal Leniece Collins (she/they) captivated their first audience in the produce section of the local Moo & Oink (may the beloved Chicago grocery chain rest in power). They are a performer, choreographer, dance educator, curator, administrator and most importantly a proud power disrupting Sagittarius. For them, dance and movement are vehicles that drive toward community, social change and liberation. As a Black non-binary femme, Krystal’s artistic practice amalgamates many lenses of Blackness, including: queerness, girl/womanhood, popular culture, joy, ancestral and spiritual practices. new growth collective is a decentralized movement and dance education incubator that champions fluidity, world building and movement as mutual aid.



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