International Conference "IV Muratov Readings". Pavel Muratov Archaist and Innovator | Rome, June 11-12, 2024

In June, 2024, the International Conference “IV Muratov Readings”- Pavel Muratov: Archaist and Innovator will be held at the "Sapienza" University in Rome.  Dedicated to the study of the multifaceted work of the writer, art critic and essayist Pavel Muratov (1881-1950), the conference resumes the custom of "Muratov Readings," inaugurated in Moscow (2008) and continued in Rome (2013) and Naples (2017), and is open to historians of Russian literature and Russian emigration, art historians, specialists in comparative and odeporic literatures, and Eastern European history.

The literary work of Pavel Muratov: sources, ancestry, resonances.
Obrazy Italii [Evocations of Italy] and the tradition of the Grand Tour .
Pavel Muratov: historian and theoretician of art.
Pavel Muratov in emigration: Germany, Italy, France, England, Ireland.
Contributions to a biography of Pavel Muratov.
Pavel Muratov: museologist and military historian.

Scientific Committee: Prof. Michaela Böhmig (University "L'Orientale", Naples), Prof. Patrizia Deotto (University of Trieste), Prof. Rita Giuliani ("Sapienza", Rome), Prof. Lena Lenček (Reed College, Portland, OR), Dr. Michail Talalay (Russian Academy of Sciences), Prof. Lucia Tonini (University of Pisa), Prof. Silvia Toscano ("Sapienza", Rome), Prof. Valentino Pace (University of Udine).

Organizing Committee: Dr. Maria Teresa Badolati ("Sapienza", Rome), Donatella Di Leo (University of Chieti-Pescara), Prof. Gloria Politi (University of Salento, Lecce), Dr. Silvia Ascione (Rome).

Languages: Italian, Russian, English, French.

Publication of the Proceedings is planned.

The maximum time available for each speaker will be 20 minutes.
A streaming link will be active.



Applications for participation are due by March 15, 2024, accompanied by an abstract (10-15 lines, in the language chosen for the paper) of the proposed topic and should be sent to:
Following approval of the abstract by the Scientific Committee, speakers should confirm their participation to the same address by April 30. 

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