Heidi Bucher. Metamorphoses I 8.4.–7.8.2022

Kunstmuseum Bern

The Kunstmuseum Bern presents the most comprehensive retrospective to date on Heidi Bucher in collaboration with the Haus der Kunst, Munich, and the Muszeum Susch. The exhibition is dedicated to the diverse complete ceuvre of the Swiss artist and includes works from all creative periods and central groups of work.

Heidi Bucher laying in a Bodyshell
Heidi Bucher laying in a Bodyshell
Courtesy the Estate of Heidi Bucher

The Swiss artist Heidi Bucher celebrated in her work the metamorphoses of life, the detachment from the old and the resurrection in a new skin. The most comprehensive retrospective to date, which will be presented at the Kunstmuseum Bern from 8 April to 7 August 2022 is dedicated to Bucher's diverse complete oeuvre and includes works from all of her creative periods. Among them early and largely unknown design studies from her time as a student, the 'genderLess body sculptures' called 'Bodyshells' from her experimental period in New York and Los Angeles in the 1960s and 1970s when she worked with Edward Kienholz, as wel I as the architectural and human latex 'skinnings' forwhich she is best known.

Heidi Bucher. Libelle [Dragonfly], undated
Heidi Bucher. Libelle [Dragonfly], undated
Cotton gauze, latex, wireand mother-of-pearl pigment
Courtesy The Estate of Heidi Bucher Photo: Daniele Kehr

A Visionary Ahead of her Time
With her works, Bucher drew the eye to the body in space, explored constraints and processes of liberation and, in a socially critical spirit, addressed painful memories, problematic spaces and power structures. In accordance with her totem animal, the dragonfly, Heidi Bucher made changeability her self-empowerment, which testifies to her belief in herself - a topical view of the world that deserves its late appreciation all the more.



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