"Fragile Beauty: Art of the Ocean," a new special exhibition | Hillwood Museum

Hillwood Museum

Special exhibition on view June 8, 2024 through January 5, 2025

Explore the wonders of the sea through exquisite treasures that celebrate the oceans and call for their conservation

Covering over 70% of the planet, the oceans have remained an object of fascination, both treasured and feared, throughout history. For the first time, Hillwood will explore marine-related art through exquisite pieces in the collection, including representations of the sea and objects created with its precious materials, alongside an array of astounding contemporary works on loan.

Featuring nearly 150 items, ranging from the 1600s to today, this special exhibition will be a celebration of the ocean, demonstrating the beauty of and admiration for these magnificent waters while raising awareness of their current state of peril. Dive into the fragile beauty of the seas through paintings, sculptures, decorative arts, jewelry, accessories, and more.

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