The exhibition of Victor Korneev "Silent Sound of Human Nature" in Trollhättan (Sweden)

The video presentation about the Trollhättan exhibition of Victor Korneev's sculptures (2015).


"...The Trollhättan exhibition was housed in a 19th century former factory building where train locomotives used to be built, which two years ago was reconstructed into a city exhibition hall. Like all of Korneev's previous personal exhibitions, the project in Trollhättan had a very thoughtful design, a single concept and an elegant philosophy. The space between the sculptures - like a pause, or a caesura - was of great importance, creating an atmosphere of emotional concentration, meditation. Each sculpture evokes a different polyphony of associations and naturally complements the unified art project..."

The paper in The Tretyakov Gallery magazine devoted to the sculptor Victor Korneev: Sergei Orlov "Watch, Listen, Achieve" (


Sergei Orlov
Watch, Listen, Achieve

#1 2016 (50)

"Seeing" means not just looking, but contemplating and comprehending the world around us. "Hearing sounds" means not just listening, but joining in with the rhythms, the very soundings of the Universe. That is close to how the legendary Lao Tzu defined the true nature of sight and hearing in his poetic treatise Tao Te Ching ("A Book about Way and Power"). The sage believed meditation allows a man to relieve his mind of everyday thoughts and troubles, to go beyond the material world in his consciousness, achieving the boundaries of the immense world of natural phenomena.



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