Cultural institutions come together to celebrate Russian art magazine (Radio "VOICE OF RUSSIA", December 5, 2013)

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In the halls of the Tretyakov itself (photo from October 2013)
In the halls of the Tretyakov itself (photo from October 2013)

 Photo credit: © RIA Novosti, Grigorii Sysoev

By Rob Sachs
WASHINGTON (VOR)— It is not easy to overcome decades of mistrust and cold war clichés.

It is an issue not just for American and Russian politicians, but also for cultural institutions. In this context, the Embassy of the Russian Federation in conjunction with the American-Russian Cultural Cooperation Foundation held an event this week to honor the 10th anniversary of the Tretyakov Gallery Magazine.

The Moscow-based magazine’s mission is to introduce the Russian public to the finest American and Russian artists. It’s published four times a year, and is the only arts magazine published in both English and Russian. After the event, VOR host Rob Sachs had a chance to speak with Natella Voiskounski, the director of the “Grany-Art-Crystal-Brut” Foundation, co-editor of the Tretyakov Gallery Magazine, and art director of the International Arts Festival’s “Art-November”. Also joining the conversation was Alexander Potemkin, executive director of the American-Russian Cultural Cooperation Foundation.

Potemkin told Sachs, "Our purpose and our mission is to bring our peoples closer together, improve understanding and trust between both countries, through mutual appreciation of arts and culture."

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