The Cosmoscow Foundation for Contemporary Art launches the Public Program of the 'Off White’ Charity Auction

Cosmoscow Foundation presents

the Public Program of the 'Off White’ Charity Auction


Cosmoscow Foundation

The Cosmoscow Foundation for Contemporary Art with the support of The New Center for Research & Practice launches the Public Program of the 'Off White’ Charity Auction. Series of online conversations will relate the work of the artists with various aspects with various dimensions of our jarringly unpredictable world and let address the most significant issues of the time and the current crisis caused by the pandemic. The intention of the project is to utilize the internet to provide a space in which artists and those who think critically about art from the very privacy of their homes and studios can come out to recreate the notion of public in a different space.

Mohammad Salemy

Mohammad Salemy, curator of the 'Off White’ Charity Auction,
the Organizer at The New Centre for Research & Practice:

"Throughout the turbulent history of the XX and XXI centuries, modern and contemporary art has been a resilient global force which has already witnessed and withstood major events. In these times, new art, even though a traditional human trait, has always engaged new ways of what in philosophy they call worldmaking.

In a 1978 single-shift work, a classic of analytical philosophy Nelson Goodman demonstrated that since the judgment of art is subject to the primary categories of perception and aesthetics, many dimensions of Worldmaking in art on the sensual level play out according to its ability to conjure possible worlds with precise and cohesive formal claims".


In May there will be 3 discussions, in which the moderators – the curator of the 'Off White’ Charity Auction Mohammad Salemy, the artistic director of the Cosmoscow Art Fair Simon Rees and the curator of the Cosmoscow Foundation Alexander Burenkov – will each engage with two guests: a curator and an artist, – and make their predictions about what the world will be after coronavirus. The same guests will be approached for a follow-up conversation in September, in anticipation of the auction Off White, to return to what was discussed in the May session, when the borders were closed, and analyze thoughts and ideas in retrospect.

Schedule and Participants:

May 13: Katja Novitskova & Annika Kuhlmann. Moderator: Simon Rees
May 20: Alexey Taruts & Clementine Deliss. Moderator: Mohammad Salemy
May 27: Simon Denny & Ekaterina Inozemtseva. Moderator: Alexander Burenkov

All discussions of the public program will take place on Zoom and broadcasted on YouTube.
Each starts at 19:00 (by Moscow). The working language is English. More details: on the Foundation website.


For reference:

Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair was launched by art historian, young Russian artists’ patron and collector Margarita Pushkina in 2010; and brings together Russian and international collectors, galleries and artists. Cosmoscow is Russia’s only international art fair taking place every September with its own spot in the international art calendar. In 2019, the Fair was visited by more than 22,000 people. In 2020, the Fair will be held in Gostiny Dvor from September 11–13.

Was established in 2017 by Russian collector and philanthropist Margarita Pushkina. The main objective of the Foundation is the support of contemporary art in Russia, its integration into the international context, the promotion of young artists, and the development of arts philanthropy in Russia.

Established in 2014, the ‘Off white’ auction is a charitable initiative of the Cosmoscow International Contemporary Art Fair. Since 2017, the proceeds go to the Cosmoscow Foundation for Contemporary Art. The fifth anniversary edition of the ‘Off White’ auction was held as an independent event anticipating the Cosmoscow Fair. In 2019, the auction was held at the site of the MMOMA Educational Center (Museum of the Year Cosmoscow 2019). In 2020, the ‘Off White’ charity auction will be held in September as part of the Cosmoscow Art Fair – in Gostiny Dvor.

Mohammad Salemy – the curator of the 'Off White’ Charity Auction. Independent Berlin-based artist, critic, and curator from Canada. Salemy is the Organizer at The New Centre for Research & Practice. He holds a BFA from Emily Carr University and an MA in Critical Curatorial Studies from the University of British Columbia. Together with a changing cast, he forms the artist collective Alphabet Collection.

Simon Rees – the artistic director of the Cosmoscow Art Fair. He has held leadership positions at national institutions in Austria, Australia, and New Zealand; and is best known in Europe for his work at the MAK, Vienna [AT] and the CAC, Vilnius [LT]. He's worked on several Venice Biennale national pavilions and on three 'European - Capital of Culture' projects. He regularly delivers public lectures and appears as a guest teachers at art schools and universities, internationally.

Alexander Burenkov – the curator of the Cosmoscow Foundation for Contemporary Art. He teaches at the ‘Sreda Obuchenia’ Higher School and RMA Business School (Art Management department). He is a graduate of the St. Petersburg State University, the Institute for Contemporary Arts, Moscow, and RMA School. Burenkov is recipient of the 2017 Innovation Prize (Curator of the Year Prize).



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