Centre P. Muratov - Annual meeting 2022

Centre P. Muratov - Annual meeting 2022

The annual meeting of the members of “The Pavel Muratov International Centre of Studies” is convened for Monday, November 28 on the ZOOM platform, at the following time: 9.00 USA West Coast /12.00 USA East Coast / 18.00 Central Europe / 20.00 Russia (Moscow time), link:

Meeting ID: 926 942 9035
to discuss and resolve the following agenda:

1) Communication of the President
2) Approval of the final budget 2021
3) Approval of the budget 2022
4) Accounting situation
5) Membership subscriptions and fees
6) Renewal of the Governing Committee
7) Establishment of committee election and start of voting by electronic mail to the address pmuratovcenter@gmail.com
8) Management of the Web site: nomination of a commission to manage it
8) Initiatives for the biennium 2023-2024
9) Any other business.


As per the bylaws, only members in good standing with 2022 membership will be allowed to vote on items 2, 3, 6.

N. B. How to enter the Zoom room: 1) click on the link + CTRL, or 2) install Zoom, put the Zoom icon on the toolbar, click on the icon, the screen pops up: "Enter a meeting", enter the meeting ID and your NAME AND SURNAME (required for identification). Please check before the start of the meeting that the camera and microphone are working.

Members of the Centre unable to log on to the website may have their ballot submitted by email to pmuratovcenter@gmail.com by November, 29, indicating 5 names.

Anyone who intends to join the Association may also participate in the Assembly, without the right to vote.



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