Austrian cultural forum in Moscow


Moscow | 17 October 2019


Long-term Moscow/Vienna project seeking artistic exploration of city districts
Two weeks of openings in October, 2019

A PROJECT BY: Austrian Cultural Forum | Federal Chancellery of Austria | International Department of the City of Vienna | Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Austria.

IN COOPERATION WITH: ZIL Culture Center | RDI – AKSENOV FAMILY FOUNDATION | Gogol Center | Moskino | Museum of Industrial Culture Moscow | V-A-C Foundation | MOSKVA (Trade and Market Center) | Museum of Moscow – Museum Lefortovo | Proekt Fabrika | Wien Museum | Film Museum Vienna | Basiskultur Shift – Vienna | Architekturzentrum Wien.



Austrian Cultural Forum in Moscow announces the start of a long-term cross-cultural project featuring more than 60 Russian and international artists aimed at the exploration of Moscow beyond the city center. Initiated in early 2018 and planned to be continued far into 2020, the project benefits from months of preparatory and research work, and kind support of important state and private cultural institutions and businesses. All the projects featured in the programme are regarded as a contribution to city districts and peripheries. Integrated into the places, they were designed to take place in districts, to be about them instead of just exploiting them as a source of inspiration.

The projects will be opened from the 15th of October with some of them running through the end of November. The second openings’ weekend will coincide with the official opening of the 8th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art as a cooperation of Moscow International Biennale Foundation, Albertina and State Tretyakov Gallery.

The director of Austrian Cultural Forum in Moscow Simon Mraz keeps a close eye on the local art scene, providing support to some of the projects and curating others:“It has been over two years Austrian Cultural Forum and its partners are reaching out for initiatives and artistic projects dealing with Moscow´s districts and periphery, collecting artistic projects. City districts are those critical places where the culture of today and tomorrow is defined. The goal of the project is to collectively present some of the most important recent art projects by Russian artists and curators dealing with the topic of Moscow districts/periphery and at the same time as Austrian-Russian cultural project to bring to Moscow some of the most interesting Viennese cultural initiatives to Moscow, respectively to try to implement these projects in Moscow together with Muscovites partners.

Cross-cultural aspect of the project is based on the similarities in social and cultural DNAs of both Moscow and Vienna. Moscow has been the epicenter of radical social and urbanistic experiments, the capital of the socialist world and has seen its collapse, today it is a subject of ambitious plans for the future. Today, Moscow is widely associated with not much more than the Red Square and the Kremlin with city districts largely overlooked. Vienna is also much more than its historic city center, “Red Vienna” stands for a continuous policy of city development, cultural transfer from the center to the district, social housing over a period of more than 100 years. It has ambitious to be internationally innovative and on the forefront of finding visionary and smart solutions for new districts.




Fabrika - “In Situ”
Opening: 15th  October 2019, 19:00
Dates: 16th – 29th October 2019 
Venue: Center for Creative Industries “Fabrika”
The project curated by the two young Moscow curators Kristina Pestova and Anna Koslovskaya for the first time in Moscow maps the location of artists studios across Moscow in order to understand where the life and work of artists in Moscow is actually taking place.

“I am Moscow”
Opening: 17th October 2019, 19:00
Dates: 17th – 20th October 2019 and special presentation for weekend 27th – 29th October
Venue: Movie Theatre Zvezda

“I am Moscow” is a citywide movie project by Moskino and Austrian Cultural Forum aiming to show Moscow through the life of its community. Over half a year amateur films by ordinary citizens filming their everyday life have been collected with the goal to compile a city history told by its citizens depicting life in Moscow districts from 1970’s until today. 

“Where things live”
Opening: 18th October 2019, 19:00
Dates: 19th – 29th October 2019
Venue: Museum of Industrial Culture

Commissioned by the Wien Museum the photographer Klaus Pichler a project was created around the “Self Storage Phenomen”. Pichler dedicated a photoproject to the Viennese self-storages, their users and their warehoused “treasures”.  

“Odnushka”- Art Residence and Sculpture Project in the Mikro-District
Opening: 19th October 2019, 19:00
Dates: 20th – 30th October 2019
Venue: Crossing of Volodarskoe highway and Vasily Molokov Street, Moscow

The Odnushka project represents a social sculpture, dedicated to the most popular type of housing in Russia – the one-room flat (this type of flat is called ”odnushka“).The idea was to build a transparent “odnushka” from glass at the entrance to the district and run it as an art center and residence. 

MOSKVA (Trade and Market Center) - Exhibition/Intervention of Moscow 
Photoproject on the topic of the districts and the periphery of Moscow 
Opening: 20th – 29th October 2019, 14:00
Venue: MOSKVA (Trade and Market Center)

It is one of the biggest and most powerful markets of the city, in the district of Lyublino. The idea of the project is to rent a number of boutiques to exhibit some of the most famous Russian photo projects on the topic of districts and periphery of Moscow. 

Pasmur Rachuiko  – Personal Exhibition
Opening: 26th October 2019, 19:00
Dates: 27th October – 8th November 2019
Venue: Gogol Center

The artistic work by Pasmur Rachuiko binds together a lot of different aspects of peripheral city culture in his paintings and is one of the most powerful artists working on that topic. The current project is the first personal exhibition of the artist in Moscow.

Domestic Violence – Flat exhibition by Michèle Pagel 
Opening: 27th October 2019, 19:00
Venue: Austrian Cultural Forum Space

Domestic violence is a reality, a sad one that must be fought in any angle of the world, it is a topic as well for the city center as for any district but should not be overseen.

“Beyond the Center – districts and periphery seen by Russia artists and artistic district project by shift/Vienna recreated in Moscow”  presentation and discussion with artists and project managers from Vienna and Moscow with Pavel Khlopin, Mikhail Sapunov (ZIL Culture Center), Monika Erb (SHIFT/basis.kultur Wien), Simon Mraz (Austrian Cultural Forum Wien)
Date: 28th October 2019, 14:30
Venue: ZIL Culture Center


“Social Housing in Vienna” - Exhibition about the history and current practice and strategy of social housing in Vienna.
Opening: 28th October 2019, 16:00
Dates: 29th October – 30th November 2019
Venue: ZIL Culture Center

A photo exhibition commissioned by the City of Vienna shows the history of social housing, but also today´s strategy and project recently developed by the city. 



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