Alessandro Casciaro Art Gallery | news, june-july 2019

Alessandro Casciaro Art Gallery

Group show - artists of the gallery
Karl Plattner, In Erwartung, 1960-61, waxed tempera on wood, 46,7 x 55 cm

Karl Plattner, paintings and graphic

07.27. — 08.11.2019

Galleria Völs Galerie
Piazza della Chiesa
39050 Fiè allo Sciliar (BZ) 

opening hours
mo-fr: 5:00-8:00 pm 
sa-su: 10:00-12:00 am / 5:00-8:00 pm

Group show - artists of the gallery
Santiago Reyes Villaveces, I sea Earth, Yuri Gagarin 1961, light installation

Santiago Reyes Villaveces
Moon rock project

The installation "I see the earth", presented in the planetarium of Bogota, orbit around attempts to make the earth visible and present it as something that can be seen, represented, processed and controlled. In the installation the phrase of Yuri Gagarin [! Vižu Zemlû; I see the earth] is reflected on the surface of the photograph known as "exit of the earth", in which the earth is seen as a blue sphere on the lunar horizon . The image was taken by the Apollo 8 Mission and in 1973, a copy of the image was donated to the bogotá planetarium by Astronaut Frank Borman. The installation "I see the earth" Articulates the vision of gagarin, that of the crew of the Apollo 8 and that of the viewer who is immersed in a cross of looks.



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