On 19 June the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center will present the 2022 New Israeli Sound festival

New Israeli Sound festival

The New Israeli Sound festival will be one of the musical highlights of the summer of 2022, and it will take place for the first time both inside the museum itself and across the entire area adjacent to the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center. The programme will be especially generous this year with stars from the most prominent international festivals coming to Russia. World-famous musician Asaf Avidan with his distinctive vocals and inimitable folk-soul music will be the headliner. Guests of New Israeli Sound will have a chance to immerse themselves in the inimitable atmosphere of Tel Aviv while enjoying its current music and shops offering local fashion brands as well as a street food market with the latest Israeli cuisine.

For the first time the festival will last till late at night, and the musical programme will be divided between two performance areas. Asaf Avidan, Riff Cohen, Yemen Blues and Electric Zoo will perform on the streetside main stage from 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. From 7:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. on the second stage inside the museum, cult electronic music will be performed by Rejoicer with musicians, in particular from his label Raw Tapes. Also guests will hear Beatfoot and DORJ performances. New Israeli Sound will convert the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center’s entire space into an interdisciplinary platform combining both traditional and cutting-edge trends in culture and music.

Asaf Avidan’s fantastic stage presence has been likened to a combination of Billie Holiday and Janis Joplin, and Avidan himself says that his lyrics are deeply influenced by Bob Dylan. Avidan is popular in both Europe and the USA and has earned a reputation as a one-man orchestra and musical intellectual. Another celebrity of the Tel Aviv scene is Riff Cohen, who became famous in her hometown for her tracks sung in French. Her light yet intricate pop music is permeated by Middle Eastern motifs and African rhythms. Although she has a musical education, she says she creates her music with both her mind and her heart. Her tracks have a well-defined musical structure along with striking charisma. Yemen Blues is a jazz band with a remarkably expressive front man in Ravid Kahalani. Musical diversity will provide a unique atmosphere for this huge summertime party.

Main stage

Asaf Avidan is an Israeli folk-soul singer and composer. Since 2012 he has appeared with The Mojos, an Israeli folk-rock band. His voice register is an unusual and fascinating tenor altino. His expressive retro performance style and remarkable voice set him apart even at the very outset of his solo career in 2012.

Riff Cohen is an Israeli pop singer, songwriter, actress and musician. She sings in Hebrew, French and Arabic. Riff grew up in Tel Aviv, studied musicology at Tel Aviv University, and went on to study in Paris with a scholarship for artists.

Yemen Blues is a nine-musician band that plays electronic folk in original blues, funk and jazz arrangements. These performers take up traditional Yemenite music and adapt its rhythms to updated grooves that are both beautiful and complex. Lead vocalist and band founder Ravid Kahalani was born in Yemen and drew his band from Israel.

Electric Zoo is an Israeli rock band whose sound harks back to British rock of the 1960s. They play music in a very individual indie style with lyrics in English. The band is very popular in Israel, and for the past several years they have made a name for themselves on the international scene.

Electronic music stage

Rejoicer (Yuvi Havkin) is a Tel Aviv producer who blends funk, hip-hop, breakbeat and jazz. He has helped advance the modern beat movement in Israel and has gathered a community of international artists who contribute to his Raw Tapes label.

Beatfoot is an acid techno, post-funk and rave trio. Their slogan is, “Everything’s better when it’s faster.” Very intense music with a kaleidoscope of styles in every track are the hallmarks of the band’s work.

DORJ is a soothing indie band with easy-going male vocals.

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