Nikolai Makarov

Space of Stillness

Jurgen Schilling

Magazine issue: 
#1 2009 (22)

The exhibition of Nikolai Makarov’s paintings “Space of Stillness” at the Tretyakov Gallery is the first solo show of the artist, who lives in Germany, in a Russian museum. Over a month the public had the rare opportunity to see the work of the artist, who belongs to the international artistic milieu of contemporary Berlin; it was there that he created his “Museum of Stillness”, where viewers can concentrate their attention on direct contemplative communication with a work of art. A part of this museum was reconstructed at the Tretyakov Gallery hall on Krymsky Val. The exhibition showed about 50 paintings dating from 1986 to 2008 from the series “Easel”, “Russian Icon” and “The Black Sun”.

Space of Stillness
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