The “Everyfeelingism” of Iliazd

Natella Voiskunski

Magazine issue: 
#1 2016 (50)

Better known as Iliazd, Ilia Zdanevich (1894-1975) contrived to remain at the forefront of the avant-garde all his life. From his youthful efforts to his more mature work, through middle age to old age, he was always at the very epicentre of the avant-garde. During his long lifetime - Iliazd lived to the age of 81 - art movements came and went with dizzying speed, with avant-garde styles in a constant state of flux, appearing, disappearing, reorganizing, merging, changing names. The most consistent figure of the avant-garde, Iliazd was something of a living monument - and he was our compatriot. As the exhibition “Iliazd. The 20th Century of Ilia Zdanevich” runs at Moscow’s Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, curator Boris Fridman recalls a unique figure in 20th century culture.

The “Everyfeelingism” of Iliazd
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