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The Sculptor Lazar Gadaev: The Saga of Man

Natalya Apchinskaya

Magazine issue: 
#3 2008 (20)

Lazar Gadayev, who is one of the most interesting and original modern sculptors of European level with a highly individual sculptural style, belongs to the generation of artists who made a name for themselves in the 1970s. His art and consummate professionalism are an integral component of the Moscow school of sculpture. Yet, the artist’s originality is rooted in the nature and culture, ancient legends and poetry of his native Ossetia. The world of Lazar Gadayev’s images is simple and austere: man, earth and heaven, love, passion, loneliness and compassion, despair and prayer. The maestro never fails to express very delicately all the depths of the emotional turmoil and sufferings of his characters who often conduct a voiceless dialogue between themselves. The sculptor’s style - lean, terse, free of glitz but full of inner dynamism - accumulates the integrity of his uncompromising character.

The Sculptor Lazar Gadaev: The Saga of Man

- Why are you so incessantly pushing the stone?
To find what is in it?
- I wish to pass all the pain hidden in my heart into it.

Lazar Gadaev

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