Designer dolls

Alexandra Khudyakova. "Love dolls like the Queen loved them"

Natella Voiskunski

Magazine issue: 
#4 2019 (65)

The relatively new art of doll making has developed in a short space of time into a scintillating new form, combining aesthetic elements adopted from a range of older artistic genres with decorative attributes drawn from a wide perspective of history. This young form has reached a concentration of perfection in the work of Alexandra Khudyakova, an artist who creates a cornucopia of visual riches, one which can be as elaborate in its detail as it remains tantalizing and allusive in meaning.

Alexandra Khudyakova. “Love dolls like the Queen loved them”

“And who would disagree that of all the mysteries that interest human beings 'the mystery of the doll’ is the most essential, the most captivating?”
Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin. ‘The Little People Who Make Toys’. From the “Fairy Tales”

“Dolls are living creatures to the extent that we, people, put life into them.
I see nothing mystical about it.” Alexandra Khudyakova

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