Biennale of Graphic Arts

The Novosibirsk Biennale of Graphic Arts

Vladimir Nazansky

Magazine issue: 
#4 2005 (09)

The Graphic Arts Biennale has been held since 1999 in Novosibirsk, a major city in Siberia and a scientific, economic and cultural centre situated almost in the heart of Russia. The Biennale's main objective is to create a rich artistic context in Novosibirsk, and bring the authenticity of Siberian artistic life into a wider cultural process. In a relatively short time the Biennale has managed to make its mark not only in Siberia but also on a wider front in Russia and abroad. This year's Graphic Arts Biennale represented Russia at the oldest graphic arts forum in the world, the 26th Ljubljana Biennale of Graphic Arts (from June 24 to October 2, 2005). Now the Novosibirsk Biennale is opening again...

The Novosibirsk Biennale of Graphic Arts

The Graphic Arts Biennale in Novosibirsk

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