Congratulations on the 15th anniversary of the foundation of the "Tretyakov Gallery Magazine"

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#4 2018 (61)


Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation

Congratulations to the editorial team of the “Tretyakov Gallery Magazine”

My heartfelt congratulations on this significant anniversary - one that marks 15 years since the foundation of the “Tretyakov Gallery Magazine”.

Over the years, your publication has forged an impressive path, attaining widespread recognition and becoming an authoritative international forum for the promotion of Russian culture and the education of young people in classic and contemporary art. The articles published in the magazine prove extremely popular, whether devoted to the collections of the Tretyakov Gallery, its exhibition programme, or other events in the art world.

It is particularly impressive that the magazine is aimed at a very broad readership, and that its writers - representatives of leading museums in Russia and beyond - succeed in combining the precision and depth of their academic approach with the entertainment of a popular format.

Please accept my best wishes for your future success, good fortune, and the attainment of new triumphs.

Vladimir Medinsky Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation

Russian Academy of Arts

Dear Friends,

Fifteen years have passed since the first issue of that unique periodical publication, the “Tretyakov Gallery Magazine”. In those years, thanks to its wonderful patron and general sponsor, Vitaly Machitski, Honorary Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts, the magazine has established its unique format, met the expectations of delighted readers, and maintained stability and objective independence in the articles published on its pages.

The magazine’s creative team boasts a high level of professionalism, vast practical experience, and its own singular conception of content creation. You have gathered together authoritative writers, theorists and art critics who have made many discoveries in the history of Russian and international art, continuing and enriching national and global traditions of periodical publications about art.

Your team makes an invaluable contribution to aesthetic enlightenment, to the scientific study of art, to artistic awareness, and the development of the spiritual horizons of lovers, aficionados and connoisseurs of art, and to the artistic education of our talented youth.

The magazine has rightly gained a respected international reputation and professional authority, publishing articles by famous Russian and foreign theorists and critics with enviable regularity.

Each issue of the magazine represents an exploration both of the history of art and of real contemporary issues of theory and criticism.

Each issue adds to the treasury of knowledge concerning artistic culture and its greatest exponents. The magazine's readership grows year after year, thanks both to its online version and to the creativity of its editorship. To a great extent, it is also the result of the superb literary language and the precise and clear figurative translation of the texts into English.

Today the magazine is a leading art periodical, one that boasts a vast base of information and a clear, objective course.

The Russian Academy of Arts greatly values your selfless, professional efforts and experience.

I wish you further creative achievements and good fortune in all your endeavours in the cause of art, artistic education and promotion, and the spiritual and aesthetic development of contemporary society.

Zurab Tsereteli President of the Russian Academy of Arts

State Tretyakov Gallery

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the management and staff of the State Tretyakov Gallery, I congratulate you on the 15th anniversary of the foundation of the “Tretyakov Gallery Magazine”.

Over the years, the “Tretyakov Gallery Magazine” has made a remarkable journey, while the partnership with the museum has developed most fruitfully: hundreds of articles written by the staff of our museum, and of other Russian and foreign museums, have been published. It is particularly important and estimable that, from the very beginning of its existence, the magazine has set itself the central task of popularizing Russian culture and art both within our country and abroad, thus becoming one of the few publications to feature articles about Russian art in the English language. The magazine has become very popular both within the museum community and among a wide general readership.

Please accept our most sincere wishes for your continued successful development, for new creative achievements, and for the love and recognition of your readers. We wish the editors and all the staff of the magazine good health and great human happiness!

Zelfira Tregulova General Director, State Tretyakov Gallery

Russian Union of Artists

To the staff of the “Tretyakov Gallery Magazine”

Russia's artists congratulate your wonderful creative team on the 15th anniversary of the appearance of the first issue of the “Tretyakov Gallery Magazine”. Over the years, the publication has gained significant public recognition and great international authority. Each new issue is an event in Russia's contemporary art world, and your readership is constantly growing, in part thanks to the online version of the magazine. The professional standards of its creators, its depth and encyclopaedic thoroughness, the expressiveness of the literary language, and the contributions of authoritative Russian and foreign authors are all indicators of the magazine's popularity and importance. It has become a special form of spiritual and aesthetic development, artistic education and enlightenment, a benchmark for publishing and magazine journalism in the field of art. In all your undertakings and plans, and in their implementation, a particularly important role is played by the General Sponsor of the “Tretyakov Gallery Magazine”, Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, Vitaly Machitski.

Dear friends, your selfless work is vital to our community - to artists, to art historians, and to all enlightened readers and lovers of art. I wish you all future success, longevity and good fortune.

Andrei Kovalchuk Chairman of the Russian Union of Artists




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