Greeting of Jose Ignacio Carbajal, the ambassador of Spain to the Russian Federation

Magazine issue: 
#4 2015 (49)

Dear readers,

This issue of the prestigious "Tretyakov Gallery" Magazine that you are about to read or leaf through is the fruit of a joint endeavour on the part of some of the finest Russian and Spanish scholars. Indeed, some of the first and foremost authorities, from the Tretyakov Gallery itself, but also from the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts and the Russian Academy of Arts, together with their Spanish colleagues from equally renowned institutions, have joined together in order to bring to fruition this special issue dedicated to Spain. It sees the light under very special circumstances, those of the Dual Year devoted to the Spanish Language and its Literature in Russia and its corresponding Russian year in Spain.

The wealth and variety of the different articles in it will appeal no doubt to the connoisseur as well as to the general reader. Those keen on the biographical genre will surely relish the articles dedicated to Picasso and Russia, and to another towering figure of Modern Art, Salvador Dali, while those eager to follow the latest trends in Spanish Contemporary Art will find ample information in the extensive essay dedicated to it. I much commend the two opening contributions on the Prado and Thyssen-Bornemisza Museums, not only for their erudition on the history of these great collections, but also for their practical use to readers that intend to pay a visit to them.

It is a most welcome issue both for the Russian as well as the Spanish public, for it sheds light on episodes in the history of art with which we are hardly acquainted, such as Natalia Goncharova's, Alexander Golovin's and Tahir Salakhov's relationship to Spain. In this respect, this fine issue covers ground that is common to both our nations, making us aware of our shared sensitivity to each other's art.

Exhibitions, except for their catalogues, are by nature ephemeral; they come and go, as do words, unless recorded or printed. The "Tretyakov Gallery" Magazine has the value of permanence and since its inception it has become a collector's item. I am convinced that the issue you now hold in your hands is destined to be a work of reference for those who take an interest in the Fine Arts, for many years to come.

It is fitting that I should conclude my remarks by saluting this great landmark of Art which is Moscow's Tretyakov Gallery. It first opened its doors in 1893 for the benefit, education and culture of future generations. Speaking personally as well as on behalf of my fellow Spaniards, I wish to convey my best wishes: may you grow and thrive forever.

Jose Ignacio Carbajal,
Ambassador of Spain




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