Magazine issue: 
#1 2023 (78)

Dear readers, the Tretyakov Gallery magazine is celebrating its 20th anniversary!

The first issue of the magazine carried a statement of its objectives and mission: reviving glorious Russian traditions, providing spiritual and aesthetic guidance, educating, popularising our illustrious cultural heritage and cultivating in young people a sense of pride in the history of our homeland and our great Russian culture. All this is one of the essential goals of the multifaceted activities of the publishers of the magazine, which approaches art as a universal value of our civilisation, which is not confined to particular ethnicities or territories.

We hope that the memory of the magazine will be kept alive in our readers’ minds and the history of the Russian press alike and that it will be remembered as one of the more noteworthy - or even one of the best - periodicals about art published in Russian and English.

We wish to thank all our authors from Russia and other countries for their mutually beneficial cooperation and for their generous contribution to the spiritual and aesthetic education of modern society. We owe a debt of gratitude and appreciation to the Russian and international museums and galleries whose help enabled our magazine to reproduce works from private and public collections - both masterpieces and little-known works of artists from across the globe. Printed in our magazine, these images have enriched the virtual encyclopaedia of human civilisation.

It was only thanks to the personal efforts of the General Sponsor of the Tretyakov Gallery magazine, patron of the arts Vitaly Machitski, who has selflessly supported the traditions of Russian culture in all fields, that our publication carried on consistently and professionally with its education mission for 20 years, while also remaining accessible to all, and this endeavour has benefited everyone who takes an interest in cultural affairs and cares about the healthy and diversified development of the arts.


Facts and Figures

A brief overview of the magazine just in figures: in the 20 years of its existence, it has published articles by 92 researchers from the Tretyakov Gallery and 225 contributors from other Russian institutions - researchers from the Hermitage Museum, Russian Museum, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Kremlin museums, Historical Museum, Museum of Oriental Art, Pushkin Museum, Museum of Decorative and Folk Art and Fine Arts Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan; members of, and researchers from, the Russian Academy of Fine Arts; and the staff of leading regional art museums and art colleges in Russia, as well as in post-Soviet and other countries. Furthermore, the magazine’s contributors have included 93 authors from 19 countries of the world.

A brief overview of the magazine’s website: the magazine set up pages on social networks such as VKontakte and Facebook (before the latter was banned in Russia), as well as a channel on YouTube, posted all of its issues on issuu.com and some materials on izi.travel, and in 2017, created a mobile application for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. Thanks to all of this, by January 2023, the number of visitors to the site had risen to 3,000 per day and the number of views to 6,000 per day.

Over the last 10 years (2013-2023), the site has had 1.2 million visitors and 1.92 million visits, as well as 4.1 million individual page views. The public appears to have taken interest in all regular and special issues of the magazine, irrespective of the publication year. The search options include searches by article, by author in the Our Contributors section, and by artist in the section Catalogue of Illustrations Published in the Magazine, as well as by section name. The number of visits to the Catalogue of Illustrations Published in the Magazine grew thanks to the growth of the number of illustrations displayed: about 11,000 (comprising all illustrations published in the magazine over the course of 20 years).

The geographic reach of the website: 81.2% of visitors are from Russia and 18.8% from the world’s other 181 countries (the most viewers come from Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, the USA, Kazakhstan, Israel, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Latvia, Armenia, Spain, the Netherlands, Georgia, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Poland, Canada, Estonia, Azerbaijan and Lithuania).




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