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Andrei Rublev: Image of the "Holy Trinity"

Natalya Sheredega

Magazine issue: 
#3 2013 (40)

In 1929, the Zagorsk History and Art Museum passed over the most acclaimed Russian icon, the “Holy Trinity” by Andrei Rublev, which is considered the acme of Russian national art, to the State Tretyakov Gallery; since then the icon has been kept under the constant attention of its curators and restorers. Rublev’s “Holy Trinity” has attracted thousands of people of every creed, profession and age with a common desire to worship this ideal of beauty and true spirituality, executed with perfect artistic means.


"The great never occurs by accident, and never comes as a flash of fancy: it is the word that makes countless threads long pre-planned in history meet together. The great is a synthesis of the whole that, in its parts, had gleamed with a phosphoric light amongst the entire nation; it would have never become great unless it had met the creative yearning of the entire people."1.

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